Georgia HOBY Newsletter:
Eighty-Fourth Edition, December 8, 2016

Featured Alumnus: Jonathan Helfgott NW '16

 My WLC experience was life changing. I met so many amazing people who changed my life. Before HOBY I was shy and did not do much outside of school. Since HOBY I do a lot more outside of school. I remember being very nervous because it was the first time I ever flew alone and I missed my first flight by only a couple of minutes. When I landed in Chicago I saw many HOBY shirts and then knew that everything was going to be okay.  After I got to Loyola University, I met all my group members and found out that one of them used to live in the same neighborhood as my grandmother.  He also goes to the same school as my cousin. After only just a couple of hours I felt like I had known them for a long time. I decided that I was going to play my violin in the talent show. I normally get nervous when I have to play in front of a huge crowd and worry if I mess up. I did mess up on the end and everyone was still supportive of me. That’s thing about HOBY if you mess up they still support you.  In just a week we cleaned up Humboldt Park and learned about some of the places the ambassadors come from. We also went sightseeing and listened to many great speakers. I did not think that my experience was going to be as good as it was. In just a couple of days my life was changed by 400 amazing people who I can always count on. 

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