Georgia HOBY Newsletter:
Forty-Fifth Edition, November 20, 2015

Featured Alumna: Liz Harper '12

     Imagine you are a timid, reluctant 15 year old walking into a three-day-long seminar, and the only thing you know is its name, HOBY. As you pull onto the college campus, there is an abundance of teenagers surrounding your car with exuberant faces asking to take your luggage, your mom turns to you with a grin on her face, and shoves you out of the car. Well, maybe she didn’t shove me, but she definitely had a mischievous grin. Fast forward three days and that same 15 year old is now equipped to be a leader in her community and make a transformation globally. 
     HOBY has the capacity to take a terrified high school sophomore incapable of speaking up in a small group and turn her into someone that knows she will make a difference in this world and has developed the skills to accomplish her goals. Whenever someone asks what HOBY is, the easy answer is “oh it’s a leadership seminar for high school sophomores,” but in reality it is the opportunity that transforms ordinary students into outstanding citizens. Attending HOBY as a participant is wonderful, but returning to volunteer on staff allows you to take everything HOBY prepared you to do and pour into the new ambassadors. 
     I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia with aspirations to attend medical school and then eventually move to Africa, which is a daunting thought. But HOBY has taught me that service is the root of a good leader and has given me the skills I need to succeed. Looking back over the plentiful memories from falling asleep in the middle of dinner to singing the Baby Shark song until you never want to hear the word shark again, it’s hard to truly express the absolute joy that HOBY has brought to my life. However, HOBY has given me so much more than leadership skills and a heart for service, it has most importantly given me friends that will last a lifetime.

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