Georgia HOBY Newsletter:
Sixteenth Edition, April 9, 2014

Featured Alumna: Adetinpo Thomas '06

My name is Adetinpo Thomas, my ambassador year was 2006 and I have been blessed to have had HOBY in my life for the last eight years. I have been a member of the Jr Staff, a Junior Facilitator, a Senior Facilitator and I now play the role of Master of Ceremonies. Let me begin by saying that GA HOBY has changed my life,  and almost every enjoyable experience I have subsequently had, can be attributed in some small way to my initial time at HOBY.The experience that really put everything into perspective for me was the year I had my own group, the Red Lasers (YOU KNOW!) from GA HOBY 2012. All weekend my group and I tried to convince Clint Godwin, one of my OUTSTANDING ambassadors, to perform for the variety show and every time he refused, granted he didn’t exactly identify as a peacock but we believed in him. The night was almost over before Clint decided he was going to perform after all. He got up in front of over 200 ambassadors and sang “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon and without missing a beat when it came time for the chorus everyone in the audience sang along as they held up their outstanding “O” in solidarity. Almost two years ago and everytime I hear that song, I hear Clint and all of GA HOBY 2012 singing along. Even thinking of it now brings a smile to my face because I remember seeing the uncertainty on his face as he began and as he concluded watching him fight back a smile. That is my favorite experience because it manifested everything that HOBY is supposed to represent. Leadership in an individual and in a group, a strong and supportive ensemble and of course memories to last a lifetime.

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