My Favorite HOBY Experience...

Eni Asebiomo
Ambassador Year: 2012
Westside High School

The first thing I saw when I got to the Berry College campus last June was a couple of complete lunatics in t-shirts, running around, beating on car windows and screaming, as most lunatics tend to do. I remember my dad jokingly asking me whether he should turn around because obviously everyone here was crazy. As I checked in and got a t-shirt of my own, the Jr. Staff immediately corralled us into a large circle in the grass and this is when I became convinced that everyone was insane. The HOBY cheers, which I have now come to know and love, seem extremely wild and crazy on initial contact. I can vividly remember just how maniacal the Jr. Staff seemed as I met them for the first time. One of the first things I remember asking a fellow HOBY'er was, "Seriously, what are these people smoking!?" Little did I know that three short days later, I would be filled with the same said lunacy. Or as we call it, "HOBY Fire". HOBY was certainly one of the few things that I can claim as a life changing experience and it still positively affects my life to this day. There really is no family like the HOBY family, and possibly one of the most valuable lessons HOBY taught me was, sometimes you've got to be a little crazy. After all, I am a peacock! Ask me what I think about HOBY, and I'll tell you that it is absolutely OUTSTANDING!