Georgia HOBY Newsletter:
Tenth Edition, November 7, 2013

Featured Alumna: Caroline Sanders '10

To say that my experience at HOBY the summer of 2010 as an ambassador for Pope High School brought me out of my comfort zone is a bit of an understatement – it was more like a drop kick. I’ll admit that the screaming and banging on car windows, the enthusiastic cheering, and the consciousness of being surrounded by people I didn’t know was entirely overwhelming until I realized the amazing bond I shared with all the people around me. We all had a passion for leadership, for making changes in our schools and communities, for becoming better people through our commitment of service to others. The day we took the personality/ leadership style quiz that categorizes you as either an eagle, a peacock, a dove, or in my case, an owl (hoot, hoot!) is one that I’ll never forget because it forever changed the way I looked at myself. My time at HOBY might have only lasted three days, but the lessons learned and the experiences shared will last a lifetime. By expanding my comfort zone and showing me what specific qualities I as leader can bring to a group, HOBY empowered me to pursue leadership opportunities I might not have had the courage to otherwise. In high school that meant giving a speech before my entire National Honor Society to become an officer and interviewing with the Student Government Executive Board to become Parliamentarian. Now at Washington and Lee University, I’m actively involved with my sorority’s philanthropy committee (coincidentally our mascot is an owl), a first-year peer mentor, and the founder/co-president of our symphony’s orchestra board. I know wholeheartedly that I have HOBY to thank for the encouragement of my leadership capabilities and the challenge to be OUTSTANDING in every commitment I make.

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