post hoby blues

The HOBY weekend has come and gone. Many of you may be experiencing what I call the "post HOBY blues." Realizing the impact and fun of the weekend is over proves tough. But the good things to be thankful for: new friends were made, new shirts were obtained (my total HOBY shirt count: 8), bananas were formed, the moose decomposed yet again, adults inspired teenagers, teenagers inspired adults, memories were created, and the GA HOBY family grew +235. What a great weekend! On behalf of the corporate board, we were so glad to see everything come together yet again in a place where the gnats swarm, the heat blazes, and the fire alarms sound. Despite those minor obstacles, I hope everyone enjoyed GA HOBY 2011 as much as I did. It is truly outstanding and encouraging to get to gather together with such great people and share motivating ideas. 

If you would like to share a testimony, pictures, videos, or anything else for the blog, please send them to gahobyfundraising@gmail.com!

Have an OUTSTANDING week!


final countdown

TWO MORE DAYS, PEOPLE!!! Can you believe it? HOBY 2011 is almost here, and we couldn't be more excited! Tons of planning, preparation, forwarded e-mail madness, stress, sweat, tears, and dedication have gone into what will be one OUTSTANDING seminar weekend. HOBY family reunited, new memories made, a huge change to the one-seminar layout, hot Georgia summer heat, new ambassadors/future volunteers, early mornin' coffee and cheers, and some awesome dorm life shower curtains... GET. READY. It's going to be a great weekend!!! Can't wait to see everyone there! Drive safe, don't speed (been there, done that, got the ticket), and come prepared with lots of energy!

All staff members: please be at HOBY headquarters at GSW by 7:00 p.m.