Georgia HOBY Newsletter:
Twenty-Third Edition, November 16, 2014

Featured Alumnus: Rance Morgan '11

My name is Rance Morgan, and I attended HOBY 3 years ago. And although the experience was awhile ago, the lessons I learned there stick with me to this day. Listening to the many different speakers’ advice on how to succeed gave me courage to pursue my dreams and excel academically. Although I only graduated high school in 2013 I am currently earning my bachelors degree in computer science at The University of Georgia with an associates degree, also in computer science, already under my belt. I was able to do this through a dual enrollment program at Middle Georgia College, something I wouldn’t have considered without the inspiration to succeed. The team-building exercises I took part in helped me in a number of ways. First, I was able to meet some amazing people who shared the same passion for the program as myself. Second, it provided me with essential leadership skills that I continue to use within my academic and social career. The skills I acquired at HOBY assist with my occasional group project in school and has also proven helpful in my fraternity. I was just recently elected as an officer having just been initiated last semester. Now although I can’t give all the credit of my success to HOBY and the wonderful people who ran the conference, it was definitely one of the better experiences of my life. I have no doubt that it played a pivotal role in my academic career and has turned out to be beneficial to my life in general.

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