Georgia HOBY Newsletter:
Eighty-Fifth Edition, December 15, 2016

Featured Alumna: Braxton Simpson NW '15

I am a proud 2015 HOBY Alumni from Kennesaw Georgia, representing Marietta High School.  HOBY changed my life. After leaving HOBY, my innate leadership skills were sharpened and her commitment to lead through service was heightened! Since HOBY, I have joined several civic organizations, re-organized my business, and co-founded a service oriented organization rooted in my drive to lead through service.        
My love for my school community can be witnessed through my current position as Marietta High School’s Student Body Co-President. I has served Marietta’s school community through Student Council for four years, and one of my most coveted roles in this position includes organizing an Annual Pennies for Patients Student vs. Teacher Basketball Game fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This fundraiser brings in roughly $3,000 per year!  Three years ago, I developed an Annual Required Student Council Leadership Training. The goal of the training is to teach new and returning officers Parliamentary Procedure and Robert’s Rule of Order. I engage members of the community including Kennesaw State University’s Student Government and Marietta City Schools Board members to come in and teach meeting best practice.  
After leaving HOBY, I became more focused and intentional about her business Girl's Got Game (GGG), a female athletic apparel company. Before HOBY, I was more focused on how I could make the most money and had lost sight of why I started the business in the first place.  HOBY’s emphasis on service led me to reorganize GGG’s business structure, and focus on its founding principles--which is to make and sell apparel geared towards empowering girls to feel feminine while playing male-dominant sports.  I have begun to shift away from coed apparel and focused on more feminine apparel. 
Most recently, I and eight other female students founded a senior-freshmen mentoring organization called Black Girls United (BGU)! BGU was founded for the purpose of empowering 9th grade black girls, by giving them the opportunity to embrace their culture, gender, and uniqueness while learning how to navigate through the highs and lows of high school.  BGU pairs these girls up with positive senior mentors who are committed to helping them grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  Currently, Black Girls United has 28 members and 17 volunteers, and it’s growing every day!

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