Georgia HOBY Newsletter:

Fourth Edition, June 20, 2013

Featured Alumna: Allison Welch Santos '00

Wow, what can I say about this OUTSTANDING organization.  How could I have known that a simple essay on the importance of leadership would have literally changed my life forever?  My HOBY journey began in 2000 when I was selected as the ambassador for my school back in Alabama. Since then, I’ve been involved with HOBY in some way every year.  In college, I used my leadership skills as a founding member of the Tau chapter of Alpha Delta Chi at the University of Alabama (Can anyone say PEACOCK!!).   Not to mention various other roles such as captain for our group projects, etc.  I was a leader and felt very comfortable with being in charge of the goals that needed to be obtained.  It was who I was on a very basic level. That is what HOBY gave me: the permission to be great and to lead those around me.  I cannot wait to hear how HOBY has inspired you to become a better leader.  Have a great summer everyone!!

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