My Favorite HOBY Experience

Caro Addams
Ambassador Year: 2012
The Howard School

My favorite memory at HOBY is when I read my poem at the Talent Show in front of everyone. Before the talent show, Ii was very nervous about reading it since I'm not good at speaking in front of crowds. I made tons of friends before hand that helped me feel better about sharing it with everyone. I didn't think my poem wasn't very good so i asked some people to read it and see what they think. I felt like i had inspired many people that night. Here is what I read. HOBY has given me the confidence to read this poem infront of many people. Enjoy!

Beautiful Nature

wide open fresh air
birds singing their sweet songs
flowers blooming everywhere
pollen getting everywhere
making everyone sneeze
beautiful blue skies with their big puffy clouds
even the rain is nice once in a while is good it helps the plants live
seeing the animals all happy
laying down in the grass feels relaxing
seeing the stars in the night sky makes me believe everything will be alright
seeing the full moon makes me wanna howl at it sometimes
all nature is beautiful in some way or another