Georgia HOBY Newsletter:
Twenty-Second Edition, October 18, 2014

Featured Alumna: Laura Heida '07

Hey all! I was an ambassador back in 2007, HOBY’s last year at Ft. Oglethorpe, and I had a heck of an experience. I’ll be honest, though, as much as my seminar rocked, my strongest, best, and most vivid HOBY memories are from my years on staff. Junior Staff was an incredibly rewarding experience, as it gave me an entirely new perspective on the seminar: behind the scenes! Preparation! Being a PART of keeping the energy up! Starting cheers! On the same line, directing operations for the 2012 seminar was an interesting experience. Learning what REALLY goes into making the seminar work is something that is overwhelming and wonderful. It let me appreciate all the work that so many people put into ensuring that HOBY is a success for the ambassadors and a beacon of light for our volunteers. It’s hard! It was a wonderful experience, it just wasn’t for me. Being a facilitator is my passion and my favorite experience to date. It was what I looked forward to as a junior staffer, and it’s the biggest reason I’ve come back year after year. That interpersonal relationship that you create with your group of students is unbelievable (yep, I’m a peacock). Being able to watch how this group of strangers grows, personally as leaders and as friends, is an irreplaceable experience. It is my favorite part of HOBY. I love seeing the lights on the faces of my kids when they realize that HOBY is a safe zone, somewhere that they can discuss anything and everything without being judged or ridiculed. It’s great afterwards, too, seeing the Facebook page blow up, hearing about alumni connecting after the seminar, and seeing pictures labeled “HOBY reunion!” There is so much to say for having people in your life who let you truly be who you are, and that is what HOBY is. It’s a family in and of itself, a support system that rolls 350+ deep, it’s a forum for discussion and exchanging ideas, and it’s a resource: a source of strength, inspiration, and encouragement. That’s why, this year, I’ve detoured from my beloved facilitator role to be one of your directors of recruitment. Every student deserves a shot at being part of this amazing family. HOBY has been one of the highlights of my life, and it is ALL in thanks to you, my lovely HOBY fam. So, thank you for being who you are, for doing what you do, and for all that you continue to be. I’ll close out with a mandatory recruitment plug: please reach out to your schools and make sure they have an ambassador this year! If anyone needs help or would like to help further, feel free to contact me (I’m on Facebook)! Again, thanks so much for everything, y’all. Continue being outstanding!

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