Georgia HOBY Newsletter:
Eighty-Sixth Edition, April 20, 2017

Featured Alumna: Amelia Holley '14

I’m a HOBY 2014 Alumna, I went to HOBY not even knowing what it was about, but went in with an open mind. I am a singer-songwriter, so I brought my guitar along, not really thinking anything of it, but at the talent show, I played a song I had written. I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone was so supportive of it and seemed to genuinely like it. I knew then that I’d found my “family”. Since then, HOBY has provided a sense of belonging in my community, and at school events when I don’t know anyone, there’s always someone who I can find who went to HOBY! Even when I had my stroke in January 2016, and didn’t think that I could serve well, HOBY helped me realize that anyone can serve. I loved going to HOBY last summer to speak to the ambassadors about Project Linus. Some of my best memories are from when I’ve been at HOBY and it’s provided me with lifelong friends!

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